AUTOBACS SEVEN Annual Report 2014


Aiming to be a Corporate Group that Makes Car Societies Better

AUTOBACS SEVEN operates the AUTOBACS Chain, Japan’s largest network of stores specializing in car goods, maintenance services and automobiles. By always taking the customer’s perspective, and offering valuable merchandise and services, we have established ourselves as the country’s leading retailer of car goods.

Looking to the future, we will continue to pursue business activities that respect our relationships with all of our stakeholders, so that AUTOBACS SEVEN remains a company that helps customers get greater enjoyment and convenience from their automobiles and is a valuable member of society. We believe that doing this will allow us to achieve sustainable growth and increase the corporate value of the entire AUTOBACS Group.

Anything about cars,you find at AUTOBACS To win the trust of all of our stakeholders
AUTOBACS SEVEN, in order to provide customers with valuable merchandise and services, works with its franchisee partners (including their subsidiaries) to develop the AUTOBACS Chain inside and outside Japan. Going forward, we will continue business development that is aimed at benefiting customers and franchisees, and ensuring that suppliers and manufacturers, investors, local communities, employees, and all of our other stakeholders can continue to support and trust the chain – and believe in the phrase “Anything about cars, you find at AUTOBACS.”


AUTOBACS Chain Management Mission: AUTOBACS’ mission isto help create a sustainable societyenriched with automobiles by constantly proposingthe best ways for customers to enjoy motoring.
AUTOBACS Chain Management Vision: As a comprehensive specialist store chainproviding joy and solutions for automobiles,AUTOBACS will “earn”customers’ genuine trust in the brand message,“Anything about cars, you find at AUTOBACS.”